Assistive Technology


This service includes an individualized comprehensive assistive technology assessment and recommended training to reach specific individualized objectives. The client will be provided with an introduction and exposure to various types of computer-related assistive technology.  Instructor will assist individuals in choosing the best computer hardware, software and accessories to meet the client’s needs and goals.


Computer-related assistive technology is software and hardware that provides a visually impaired person the ability to access and use a computer. We provide assistive technology assessment and training on the following: Jaws, Window-Eyes, NVDA and System Access  (screen reading programs), MAGic and ZoomText (screen magnification programs), Kurzweil 1000, Openbook and Docuscan Plus (scanning/reading programs), Dragon Naturally Speaking, Trekker Breeze, Victor Stream (electronic book player), etc.

Screen reading programs provide a blind or visually impaired individual with the ability to hear everything that is appearing on the computer screen, as well as what the individual is typing on the computer. This software program is generally used for totally blind or severely visually impaired individuals.


A screen magnification software program magnifies what is appearing on the computer screen and may or may not provide some verbal confirmation of what is appearing on the screen.


Computer-related assistive technology also provides the visually impaired with the ability to access and use such software programs as Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook both at home or at work.